DaruDarman after Sales Services

Daru Darman Persia Company has not put an end to its relationship with the centers and is ready to provide services by establishing an after-sales service department with the best facilities and specialized and experienced staff.

The after-sales service department starts its services from the time of selling the device by providing services such as installation and commissioning of the device, as well as user training, clinical and daily care of the device to nursing staff and doctors, and until the end of its commitment period, It is ready to provide services as soon as possible, 24 hours a day.

Relying on its technical capability, the department is also able to provide services such as service and periodic calibration, the main purpose of which is the proper operation of the device in the long run and minimizing unexpected breakdowns. In case of any unexpected problems, the trained staff of the department are able to repair and service the device in the shortest time.